Landlords: Beware of “Successful Rent” Scam

The California Association of Realtors® posted the following warning about “Successful Rent” courtesy of the Apartment Owners Association to landlords about a scam being perpetrated on rental property owners and property managers:

Beware of “Successful Rent”

The Apartment Owners Association is warning of a company called Successful Rent run by a lady named Sunny who is scamming rental property owners.

Sunny calls owners who have vacancies and claims she has prospective tenants from out of the country looking for homes. She then sends someone over who fills out the rental application and gives the owner or manager a fake cashier’s check to hold the apartment. She also says that she will run the credit report for the owner for free.

On the day of move-in, she calls the owner and says the tenant found another place and they would like their money back. The owner then writes a check for the deposit amount and a week or two later, gets a letter from their bank saying the original cashier’s check was fraudulent.

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